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Shared Culture and Values Workshop

Teammate at the wall, calling out what she will fight for
With the launch of a critical new collaboration, we facilitated a workshop to connect two disparate teams.

I worked to develop two workshops lasting an hour and a half each to help two campus web development teams build a shared sense of purpose and core values at the start of a year-long collaboration. The design-thinking workshop included many brainstorms, heads down work, and collaboration on designing a shared vision for the two teams.

We started first with the individual experience and some self-definition. Then we expanded to our values and the impact that we wanted to make together. Questions included: In this room, what do you think makes you different? At Stanford, what will you fight for? What makes this collaboration a success for you?

We found that there were many commonalities that might be expected: we wanted to do things the right way and not cut corners, we preferred transparency in communications. And we found some surprises: we all would fight for equity and civil rights. The collaboration is now 10 months in and will be renewed for the next fiscal year.